• When not online, have COG's work for you.

        Our industry leading proprietary technology provides the ability to interact 24/7 with
        smart data similar to recipients info. COG learns by experience and
        provides an additional tool to any busy life.

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  • 4x more effective than humans

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  • A Project for the Blind & Deaf (in-house)
  • Alternative Energy Development project (in-cooperation)
  • Community Development project in Seattle (in-cooperation)
  • K-12 Public Education project in Texas (in-cooperation)
  • Partnership with worlds largest  DNA antibody research manufacturer (negotiations)
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New Releases

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    Measure craigslist ad statistics and visitor tracking Read More
  • IoT Embedded Document +

    send word documents to any email address using arduino Read More
  • 中国免费电邮继电器 +

    China message routing service Read More
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